Spring boredom busters!


We're so excited spring is here, but what to do when those blue skies give way to clouds and rain? GL to the rescue with a great new list of boredom busters!

Picture this:
Preserve all those awesome memories you’ve been making with your friends by creating a super sweet scrapbook to keep them in. Take a trip to your local craft store and stock up on some fun printed paper, stickers, ribbon, anything you want to totally dress up the album inside and out. Take your time and really plan out how you want your pages to look. Include photos, ticket stubs and anything you might have held onto as a keepsake to make the book super personal. Scrapbooks are best done slowly, so don’t fret if you don’t finish it the same day you start. It’s a great project to keep on hand for whenever boredom strikes!

Get organized: A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to slow down and get a handle on your crazy life. Become clutter-free by reorganizing your bedroom feng shui style. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps create harmony with your environment. For more info and to figure out how to arrange your furniture to make your bedroom a calmer place, check out one of the many Feng Shui books written just for teens! (Our pick is Teen Feng Shui: Design Your Space, Design Your Life by Susan Levitt.)

Learn something new: In this crazy world, it’s so helpful to be able to speak more than just English. Invest in an awesome self-teaching kit and teach yourself a new language! Whether it’s French, Italian or even Norwegian, you’ll have fun doing it and you’ll be one step closer to taking that vacation you’ve always dreamt of.

Tie it up:
Learn to knit! Knitting’s not just for grannies anymore; even celebrities are taking up this great hobby. Easy to learn, all it requires is a ball of yarn and two knitting needles – great for a no-mess at home project and it can fit in your purse, perfect for on the go crafters!

Read all about it:
Grab your best gal pals and start a monthly book club! How you select each book is up to you – take a vote, rotate who gets to choose, whatever works best for the group. Then at the end of the month once everyone has finished the book, take turns hosting the discussion party.

Keep in touch:
Everyone loves receiving mail, especially now that email’s begun to lose its spark. Write letters to friends you haven’t talked to in a while or even your BFF down the street. Be creative! Sparkly pens, stickers, drawings – make it special. Even if you’re only writing to say “I miss you,” the cute card will be totally appreciated.

By Alli Hoge

by GL | 2/1/2016