How to get closer with a girl you kinda sorta know

So there’s that nice chica in your class, but you don’t really know her that well. You have some mutual friends so you’ve met before, but you’re not exactly what you’d call… “close.” You wave in the halls and you ask each other for math homework help, but that’s about the extent of it. So, how do you make that acquaintance become your new BFF? Read on to find out!

Conquer the cafeteria

Next time you and your future BFF have the same lunch period, try to sit at her table. Strike up a conversation about your morning classes or comment on how much you love her new shoes. It’s also really important to bring up topics other than school, like what each of your plans are for this weekend or your spring formal dresses. Sitting together for a whole lunch period will help you two connect during the school day.

Get social

After school, if you see her on Facebook, try starting up a conversation. A simple “hey” will do, and then see where the conversation goes. Ask her if she was as shocked as you were by the finale of The Vampire Diaries, or even how she’s finding the history homework. Offer to help her out if she’s confused about a question, and don’t be afraid of asking her for help if you need it.

Find some common ground

It’s important to figure out a common bond between the two of you to avoid any awkward situations. Find out if she’s a football fan like you, if she loves country music as much as you do, or even if she also hates your science teacher. If you can’t find anything in common, that’s okay too! Tons of BFFs are close because of their differences. But if you realize that the two of you have absolutely no similarities and that you don’t like her as much as you thought you did, you’ll need to reconsider this friendship.

Plan a chill sesh

Start small: Have a group of close friends, as well as your future BFF, over for a casual night of movies, games, and snacks. Try to invite some mutual friends so that she won’t feel uncomfortable with your crowd. See if she’s around this weekend and then let her in on the plan. Show her how much fun you and your friends are and make her feel welcome in your house. It’s the perfect way to hangout outside of school without any awkward one-on-one situations.

Hit the movies

A movie is a great way to take that budding friendship to the next level. At lunch, talk about the new action flick you’ve been dying to see, and ask if she’s seen it yet. Then tell her you were planning to go this weekend if she wanted to join you. If you’re up to it, make it into a day-long plan. See if she wants to grab some ice cream before the movie and maybe even sleepover afterwards. You’ll be besties in no time!


by Lindsay Hurwitz | 2/1/2016
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