How to (nicely) fade out a friend you aren't feelin'

Some friends stay in your life forever, while others move in and out of your best bud circle. Just ‘cause you aren’t tight with the same sister, though, doesn’t mean the time you spent with that girl was wasted. As you both grow and change, it’s natural to want different things out of your friendships—moving apart is bound to happen sometimes! Here’s how to make the change when your relationship is starting to feel rocky…

DO let it fade

Whether they’re with a guy or a bestie, relationships take effort. So simply try not trying! Instead of actively ignoring your friend or, even worse, hurting her feelings, be passive and let the friendship fade. Skip going out of your way to make plans with her, and focus on school and fam instead.

DON’T tell your other friends

Avoid gossiping to your other BFFs about what’s up. No matter how you feel about her now, this girl used to be a good friend, and talking trash is always a Don’t. Plus, the poor gal could pick up on the buzz, and that’d be a betraying blow.

DO be honest

It’s important to avoid lying and making up excuses to avoid chilling with your soon-to-be ex-bud. You’ll feel guilty, and getting caught in a lie could force you to confront the sitch head on. So stay open and honest, but…

DON’T drop a hint

Being assertive and upfront is usually a do, but “I don’t want to be friends with you” is just mean. It’s more likely to start up a fight than end the friendship peacefully.

DO give her a second chance

Even if you’re itching to ditch her because she backstabbed or lied, everyone deserves a second chance. Before you leave your bestie love in the past, give the old “forgive and forget” a try. You never know when you’ll be glad she’s still your gal!

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by Julie Harans | 2/1/2016