Lots of good friends but no best friend? Hey, that's OK--here's why

We talk a lot about “besties” and “BFFs,” but the truth is, lots of girls don’t have one or two or (dare we say) three girls or guys—equal opportunity besties here!—super close confidantes they would tell anything to. You know, the kinds of best friends you see in the movies that know each other from diapers to wheelchairs and love each other like sisters. A lot of times, these close friends come and go in our lives. And sometimes, lots of girls just have to go without.

And you know what? That’s just fine.

You might… have a bunch of good friends—just not a best friend

You might… tell your mom or dad or godmother or aunt or sister everything that’s important to you

You might… spill your secrets to a diary

You might… tell one friend about one aspect of your life, and another friend about something else

You might… have been burned by a former confidante

You might… have grown apart from an old pal—and that’s sad, but normal

You might… not feel like you need a special someone to poor your heart out to

You might… be happier floating between different social circles rather than sticking with a few close chicas

You might… dish to your cat, Fluffernutter

And you know what? All of that’s fine. And all of that might change. And that’s fine, too.

Do you have a best friend (or two or three)? Do you not? Tell us about your bestie status in the comments.


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016