6 signs your friend is lying to you--and what to do next

Friendships are some of the best things in the world. Nothing is better than knowing you’ll always have people there for you no matter what; and sleepovers are always a must. But what happens when one of your besties stays far away? We’ve got the low down on how to find out if your BFF is lying.

Hush Hush

Is your usually ‘never stops talking’ bestie barely saying a word during lunch? If so, then something is definitely wrong. Make sure to not jump to conclusions but take her aside and ask her what’s wrong. Showing that you care will make it easier for her to tell what’s really going on.

Topic Changer

You found out that your crush is talking to another girl, and every time you bring it up around your friends, Sarah always changes the topic. She does whatever she can to steer the conversation away from your crush and who his new girl may be. Chances are that Sarah knows more about the situation than she’s telling you. Next time you talk to her bring up how upset you are about your crush and straight up ask her if she knows anything. Being forward with someone promotes honesty!

Friend Be Gone

You and Lizzie always Skype after Pretty Little Liars to discuss the episode, but for the past few weeks Lizzie never even signed on and she’s been M.I.A at school so you can’t even ask her about it. If you and your ‘joined at the hip’ BFF have been distant, there is definitely something going on. Distancing herself from you is a coping mechanism she is using because she is probably hiding info from you as well. Next time she’s around, approach her and let her know that it’s hurting your feelings that she has gone M.I.A and ask what’s wrong. Showing that you care about your friendship is super important.

Last Minute

You’re about to put the final touches of your make up on when you get a text from Rachel saying that she can’t come anymore. Normally, this wouldn’t bother you too much, but this is the fourth weekend in a row where she has canceled on you last minute. Start paying attention to why she says she can’t come and if this is the third time that her mom wants to have a family game night, there is probably something fishy going on. Next time you’re with her fam, ask how the game nights are going and see how they respond. This is a quick and easy way to really find out what’s going on.


Is usually quiet Callie chatting up a storm recently? There is probably a reason behind her abnormal behavior and the best way to find out is by having one-on-one conversations with her. Blabbing on and on happens when someone is nervous and if she is nervous around you chances are she is hiding something. Talking privately with her will give her a chance to open up about what’s going on without having all eyes be on her.

Meanie Pants

It’s never a good sign when friends start to be mean, and it’s usually because something is going on in their life. If you start to notice that usually sweet Emma is lashing out harsh words, pay attention to what aggravates her and what could be going on. If she gets mean every time you bring up Spring Break and how you wish she could vacay with you, there is probably more pieces to the puzzle than meets the eye. Dealing with a meanie pants is difficult but it is important to stand your ground and tell them that it’s hurting your feelings. She most likely doesn’t even notice her mean behavior and will soon apologize once she realizes her actions.

One More Thing…

It is super important to never assume that a friend is lying and pointing fingers in the wrong direction can make the situation worse. Talking and being honest with your friends is the best way to go when dealing with liars. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and that forgiveness is a huge part of friendships!


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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016