5 secrets you should keep from your friends

Sometimes, secrets stink. And lots of times, they lead to major drama. But there are some times that you really ought to keep your lips zipped. And these are five of those times. Here are five secrets to keep, no matter what.

#1 Your passwords

There is no reason for you to share passwords to any of your accounts—school, email, social media, phone, anyone—with anyone. That means friends, boyfriends, acquaintances, lab partners. The only person who should possibly have access is Mom or Dad. But even then, it’s good to set boundaries on when they can use your password-sharing privileges. Agree on what’s OK and what’s not OK so that you don’t feel taken advantage of or spied on, and they feel like they’re clued in to your life and keeping an eye on what you’re up to.

#2 Your thoughts about their families

No, your friend really doesn’t want to know about how annoying you think her dad is. Chances are, she knows. And chances are, she’s already said as much out loud to you before. But just because she has said it doesn’t mean that gives you license to spout off on all his flaws. Nope. Not OK. After all, you wouldn’t want your bestie to comment on your mom’s not-so-hot cooking, even if you probably agree, right? Right.

#3 Your negative opinion of things they’re really proud of

Because really, what would you gain here? You’ll look like you’re only trying to bring your friend down, or that you’re jealous of her success. If you don’t have anything nice to say, settle on a gushing smile and a big bear hug. And if you have some constructive criticism, let her enjoy the glow for a few days before you say, “Hey, want to sign up for a tennis camp this summer? I bet with a few lessons from that cute guy at the club, you’ll totally knock their socks off at next year’s tournie!”

#4 How you (always) do better than them

Nobody wants to be friends with the one-upper, and everyone wants to bask in their own successes, so bashing your buds’ happiness will leave you with no friends at all. And who wants that? Instead, keep mum. Who cares if you got an A on the essay she’s bragging about getting on B+ on? A B+ is awesome, and obviously, she’s thrilled. Tuck your essay in your backpack, congratulate her and grab celebratory ice cream cones.

#5 That you’d totally date her boyfriend if they ever broke up

This one will take your bud from bestie to super insecure in less than 60 seconds. Insert jealousy, suspicion and a huge rift between the two of you…and maybe even an imminent break up. Sure, you think her beau is hot. But he’s hers, so hands off (and keep those admiring eyes to yourself, sister!).

What’s one thing you would never tell your best friend?

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016