GIRL TALK: Let's Get Together!

This year I started a new school with a whole new group of friends and it was great! But, this summer I want to hang out with them but I haven't called them or asked them to come over or any of that stuff this school year. They were always the ones to suggest that kind of stuff. This sounds lame but I'm really nervous to ask them myself. I would ask them over an e-mail, but none of them have e-mail addresses. How do I get over my fear to ask them? Also, what should I say?



New friends are awesome! But sometimes it can be hard figuring out how to take a friendship from the schoolyard to the real world. Why don't you organize a fun summer invite everyone to the local pool or even late-night bowling? If you think everyone at once might be a little much, just try one at a time. Definitely call though, don't email. Lots of emails can go unseen or unanswered over the summer while people are on vacation, at camp or just spending more time outside and not cooped up on the computer! The phone is a much faster, much more efficient way of reaching a person.

When you call, just say hi and ask how thier summer's going. Then mention you're [insert something here...going to the pool/aquarium/playing soccer/whatever] tomorrow and would they want to join you? Or say that you'd love to see them sometime this summer and you should try to meet up soon! Don't be nervous - they're your friends and aren't going to flat-out reject you. They'll probably be really happy you called. So what are you waiting for? Go pick up the phone and invite some buds over for a fun-filled girls night!


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by GL | 2/1/2016