Not having a BFF might actually be a good thing


Not everyone has a BFF. Some people prefer to have a variety of good friends instead of one single bestie, and some people just get along better with a friend group than with only one person. Believe it or not, this might actually be a good thing. Here’s why.

You get more than one opinion.
Having a BFF to confide in is great, but don’t forget, we’re talking about just one person. Even if she understands you like no one else in the world, her opinion isn’t the only one that matters. If you have a group of best friends, you can get a variety of helpful advice from a bunch of people who all think differently and all might be helpful in a different way.

It’s more inclusive.
You don’t ever want your friends to feel second best. Labeling one friend your best friend and doing everything together might make the rest of your friends feel left out. Doing things as a group or just doing things with different friends every once in a while makes things more fun. Remember, friendship is not a competition.

A friend group is more reliable.
Of course it’s great to have someone you can always count on, but people are people and you can’t expect one person to be there for you 24/7. When you have a good group of friends instead of a single BFF, you always have at least one friend to go shopping with or calm you down when you’re upset.

It creates healthier friendships.
It’s not good to spend too much time with just one person no matter who it is. Spending an equal amount of time with a bunch of friends instead of dedicating all of your spare time to one friend will make your relationship with all of your friends even stronger.

Friends change.
Odds are, you won’t have the same best friend your whole life. That’s just how life works; sometimes you feel closer to one friend than another and then it might change, and that’s okay. Putting a label on which friend is your BFF might not be necessary if it’s going to change in a year as you both grow and mature. Just enjoy the company of all of your friends without worrying about which one you’re closest to.

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by Alexis Ancel | 4/28/2019