How to avoid these 4 common fights with your bestie


You don't call just anyone your best friend. She's the one you share everything with and you can’t imagine what you would do without her. However, no matter how much you care about each other, you are still bound to get in an argument every once in a while. Here's 4 common BFF fights and our tips on how to avoid some of the drama! 

“You canceled our plans”

With both of your busy schedules, finding a date when you and your bestie can spend some quality time together is tough. So when she cancels on you last minute, it breaks your heart a little.

AVOID IT: Sometimes plans with your BFF are the most important plans of all. Check your schedule (maybe even double check) before you say yes to anything and if you do have to cancel, try to come up with an alternative time when you guys can hang.

“I called dibs first”

You both spot a super cute sweetie from across the room. Unfortunately, your BFF already called dibs. But what if that adorable dude starts to talk to you? Friend jealousy can turn into a mega argument!

AVOID IT: It's tough because you never want to let down your friend but it’s also hard to let go of a boy you really like. Just remember, boys will come and go but your bestie will always be there. Try talking to her about it and explaining how you feel. She'll probably understand. If not, its time to just respect the dibs. No boy is worth losing your friendship. 

“You only hang out with your significant other”

When your bestie starts dating someone new, it can be devastating. While you love seeing her so happy, it seems like you really aren’t seeing much of her at all. She spends all of her time with her new BF and she suddenly has no time for her BFF.

AVOID IT: It’s possible your friend is caught up in her new romance and doesn't realize she's hurting her friend. Be honest with her. And if you're the one with the boyfriend, always remember how important it is to keep in touch with your friends. Make the effort to fit in plans with both your friends and your boyfriend. Who knows? Maybe you can even set her up with one of your BF’s friends!

“You weren’t there for me”

Every girl needs her BFF and when times get rough, she's the only one who can help. But sometimes your bestie isn’t there for you like you thought she would be. Whether it was about a boy, a fight with your parents, or just a bad grade on a test, you expected her to be there to comfort you.

AVOID IT: There's a reason you have that “best” title. A best friend is supposed to be there no matter what. If you find your bestie seems a little upset, go and talk to her right away. She probably just needs a BFF pick me up. 

How do you stop a minor fight before it becomes major drama? Let us know in the comments. 


by Emily Mullin | 7/26/2016