Help! None of my friends are in my classes

A new semester means a new classes, new challenges and a fresh start! The only issue? Turns out none of your besties have the same sched as you and you're *majorly* bummed. Fear not, lonely ladies. Being on your own can actually be a good thing. Here's how to survive the spring semester:

Break the ice.
Get to know your classmates. Maybe the boy who sits next to you has a sticker from the band you love on his notebook or the girl in front of you always wears the cutest earrings. Find a common interest and start up a convo (try these tips!)who knows, your future BFF could be in the seat behind you.

Step up.
Don't wait to be invited to a study sesh. Show initiative and be the one to make plans. Ask someone new to partner up to tackle the biology homework or see if a few of your classmates want to hit the library afterschool. And if you're assigned to a group project, take charge. Offer to design the PowerPoint if that's your thing or host one of the brainstorm meetings at your house.

Build your confidence.
While it's scary to be on your own and out of your comfort zone, it's great practice, especially for college and your future career. Now is the time to sharpen your people skills and work on nixing your fears, whether it's public speaking or even simply giving your opinion in class. Use your newfound independence to your advantage, and embrace it.

Be a good friend.
You might feel like the outsider, now that your other friends are always giggling over the latest inside joke from second period. Don't let it get to you, though. These girls are your besties for a reason and not having class together isn't going to change that. Just make sure to keep up with your weekly Starbucks dates or Friday night sleepovers and be there for your friends, just as you always have been.

P.S. If you're still feeling down, remember that school is only a few hours a day and you're there to learn. Focus on acing your papers and projects and know you can hang with your buds when the bell rings. 

How do you deal with being in a class without any of your friends? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 1/26/2018