What every girl with a BGF can relate to


Having a best guy friend can be an awesome thing...but it can also be a bit of a pain (hello mixed signals and *way* too many gross jokes). Here are all the pros and cons of having a boy for a bestie.

Pro: He gives you a guy’s opinion.
Nothing beats hearing advice about a guy from a guy.  He has the inside scoop on how a guy's brain works, so he can offer some valuable insight into why that cutie from chem class isn't making a move.

Con: Everyone thinks your dating. 
When the two of you go out in public, people automatically think you’re dating. They comment that you two are cute together and typically only offer you guys one check when you grab a bite to eat.

Pro: He's not into drama.
Most guys don’t like it, and they will do anything to avoid gossip and petty fights.  

Con: People don’t understand why you spend so much time with him.
You're with him more than you're with anyone elseyou're practically joined at the hip. Cue the jealousy from your girlfriends. They don't get why he *always* has to tag along.

Pro: He introduces you to new things. 
From learning bass guitar to checking out the go-cart scene on Friday night, you can learn a lot from your BGF and experience stuff you might not with your gal pals. Plus, it's always fun to let your inner tom-boy out occasionally! 

Con: Your parents question if you secretly like him. 
Mom, Dad and even your friends question if he’s secretly your boyfriend and it couldn’t be more annoying. Because girls can't be just friends with guys, right? Groan. 

Pro: You feel more confident talking to other boys. 
After spending so much time chatting with your best guy friend, you'll be able to talk to guys and not feel so awkward. Bonus: He probably has a bunch of cute boys in his group he can introduce you to, too.

Con: You fall for him, or he falls for you. 
At some point, one of you will start to have more-than-friendly feelings (even if they don't last). And that puts your relationship in a tricky spot. He is your best friend, and you never want to lose him. Navigating the "could we be more?" drama is a tough one.

Do you have a guy best friend? Tell us what you love (and hate) about him below!

Photo credit: Instagram.

by Makaila Nichols | 11/28/2016