Little moments only you and your BFF understand


We all have that one BFF that we just go crazy with. You read each other’s minds, go on countless adventures and most importantly, aren't afraid to be your wild selves together. There are however, a lot of things that nobody else knows about the two of you, things that *only* the two of you get (like that inside joke from last year's chorus concert). Check out the list below of moments that every girl with a bestie can relate to.

Laughing until your stomach hurts.

You could be talking about the most random thing that no one else would find funny but you’ll laugh so hard it's like an ab workout.

Saying the same exact thing, without planning it.

That moment when you’re telling each other a story and you both pause...then shout out the same thing. It’s fate, you’re destined to be best friends.

Coming up with code names for *certain* people.

When you’re talking about your crush, another friend or a person you both can’t stand, you come up with super discrete code names to gossip about them even if they’re sitting right next to you in classso sly.

Playing the game of “No, you ask!”

You're are snacking on fries at your fave restaurant, but you keep arguing about who should ask the waiter for some ketchup. This goes on and on til eventually, the waiter just brings it himself.

Talking without actually talking.

You’re sitting a few rows across from your BFF in history class, and all you’re doing is *mentally* conversing while the teacher is lecturing. Totally normal, it’s your thing.

Having millions of inside jokes.

You always seem to have conversations that are *impossible* for other people to understand. That's what happens from a lifetime of being together.

Sending screenshots from social media.

Whether the gal you’re mutually not too fond of posts a pic on Insta, or your crush is texting you, you send it to your BFF. They need to know everythingno secrets, no limits!

Knowing she will never leave your side.

You love the fact that your BFF is always gonna be there for you through the thick and thin. You’re each other’s *everything*.

What other types of things do only you and your BFF understand? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo credit: Instagram, Giphy.


by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 3/11/2018