On a budget? You can still buy prezzies for *all* your pals


You're ready to shop til you drop  for Christmas gifts...but unfortunately, your bank account isn't really feeling it. Between buying decorations for your Secret Santa party and awesome gifts for the family, you have no money left to get each of your friends something cute this holiday season. But fear not: The following prezzies are perfect for your BFFs, and won't break what's left of your bank.

Thoughtful cards
You can’t go wrong when it comes to making a card for Christmas. Reflect on the past year and thank your friends for being there for you through it all. Add some extra flair to the card with glitter, confetti or even a cute quote inside the card that they can keep and frame for their room. 

A BFF "date"
Every girl loves to be treated to a special day where it's *all* about her. Gift your friend a whole day of fun activities just for the two of you, like window shopping at the mall, a DIY spa day at your house or even a hike and picnic at the local state park. You can make it as fancy or as low-key as you'd like, depending on your budget. No matter what you spend, the bonding time will be so worth it!

Picture frames
You know all those silly pics of the two of you on Insta? Print them out and make a collage of all your fave memories this Christmas. Then get a cute frame, and decorate it personally for them. Your bestie will love having you right by their side with this thoughtful gift. 

Mason jar + notes
Buy a cute mason jar and layer pretty pebbles in the bottom. Then, write down things you love about your friends on little slips of paper and fill up the jar. Add a cute bow and attach a tag that says “Things I love about you”. She can read one a day, or save it for a time when she's feeling down and needs a reminder of how special she is.

Share your ideas for sweet gifts below in the comments! 

by Makaila Nichols | 12/12/2016
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