Steps to adding a new friend to your squad


Growing your girl gang is awesome...but it can also be pretty hard to integrate new friends, especially if you and your besties have been friends for years. Like many squads, you all have your own roles from the leader to the brainiac to the peace keeper and you might  be afraid there isn't room for someone new or that they might even eventually replace you and you'll be booted. Yikes! Fear not, GL girls. Adding friends to your group is *totally* possible (and totally worth it!) if you just follow these easy steps to make sure everything goes smooth.

1. Be open and honest: Honesty is how you build trust. If you let your friends know from the start that you’ve met this new girl and you think she will be a great addition to the group, nobody will ever feel threatened or like you did it behind their back.

2. Chat them up: You want your besties to feel like they know the person you are trying to bring into the group and vice versa. This will give you a chance to see how they feel about the situation and from there, you can decide whether or not this will be a group friend or just your friend (there's nothing wrong with either type).

3. Find common interests: Before they all meet up, you should plan an activity that you know *everyone* will enjoy so no one feels left out. It also helps to have a couple of convo starters up your sleevethink what you've been watching on Netflix lately or your fave YouTubers. 

4. Kill awkward sitches: Remind your group that this is their night to meet your new friend and that hopefully she will be all of your friends. This way they can try their best to make her feel welcome (and avoid telling a ton of inside jokes that she won't understand). If a conversation does come up about the time last year when you all almost missed the homecoming dance, stop and ask your other besties a question as if you forgot some of the details. This will give your BFFs a place to include the new girl and keep her in the loop.

Have you ever added a new friend to your squad? Let us know how it went below.

Photo credit: Kidzworld.

by Britnee Wright | 1/5/2019