The 7 stages of *every* best friendship


There's nobody better than your BFFyou share everything with this person, and she's one of the *most* important people in your life. Sure, every friendship is different (and awesome in its own way), but there are definitely things every pair of BFFs goes through at some point. Check out our list below and see where you and your bestie are. 

The Too-Nice Stage  
This stage is basically all compliments all the time. You're still learning about your new friend, and trying to make a great impression while you're at it. When you're further along, you'll look back on this time and giggle with your bestie about how different you were around each other. 

The Worried-You're-Being-Too-Clingy Stage  
Now you know this person is BFF material! Sometimes you wonder if you're coming on too strong though, and this stage can be super nerve-wracking. Can you triple text? How about asking her to hang out after school multiple times a week? Ugh! This stage can honestly feel like the worst.

The Inseperable Stage 
So you're past the point of clingyyou love your BFF and she loves you. At this stage, people probably start to think of you and your BFF as a package deal, meaning that if you're there, she's probably only a couple feet away. You've finally nailed partner-in-crime status.

The Tell-It-Like-It-Is Stage  
You can literally say *anything* to your BFF at this point, and there's no point in pretending to be nice. You two tell each other what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. You trust each others' opinions so much that you probably text or call before every major (or minor) decision you make. 

The No-Secrets Stage  
You don't trust anyone in the world more than your best friend by this stage. You know everything about each other, including every embarrassing moment and secret crush. You'd never tell anyone your BFF's secrets, and you know she'd do the same for you. 

The Talking-In-Inside-Jokes Stage  
It might be a little confusing for other people to hang out with the two of you when your best friendship is in this stage. You and your bestie have endless jokes and stories between the two of you, so it probably sounds like you're talking in code to everyone else. 

The Your-Family-Is-My-Family Stage   
You're at each others' houses so much that you don't have to ring the doorbell anymore, you just walk in. Your BFF is basically family—even your parents agree by this point. This is the stage of best friendship that makes all the ups and downs *so* worth it. 

What stage are you and your BFF in? Share in the comments! 

Photo credit: Instagram.

by Emily Cavanagh | 1/14/2018