10 things you and your besties *need* to do together this year

You and your best friend are the perfect pair and you do basically *everything* together. She's always down for another crazy adventure or even just a simple night in. Since you and your bestie are obviously going to be friends for-ever, it’s time for you two to start working on the BFF bucket list. Here’s everything you and your bestie *must* do:

Go on a trip together
It doesn’t matter if it’s near or and your BFF should take a trip. Whether it's an all-day outing to the local zoo or a week-long beach vaca with her fam, no matter what you do, it will be quality bonding time for you and your bestie.

Pull an all nighter
Find a time when the two of you have nothing to do the next day (you are going to be exhausted!) and stay up all night. Spend the night watching your favorite movies, eating tons of junk food and telling each other everything. 

Volunteer somewhere
Being with your BFF will not only make volunteering fun, it will create a great memory for the two of you. So, help out at your local animal shelter or donate food to those in need. Helping others together will make you both feel great.

Buy matching *anything*
If you are really BFF’s, you should show it! Go to the mall and get something matching like a necklace, shirt, or purse (or try one of these adorable best friend tees). Any time either of you wear it, you will think of each other.

Make a personal besties playlist
We all have those songs that we immediately turn to our BFF when they are played. So, create a playlist of all of your fave jams and play it on repeat. Dance party anyone?

Have a spa day together
Sometimes you and your PIC need to take a day off and chill. Don’t want to spend the money at a real spa? No problem! There are tons of spa treatments you can make at home. Check this out to plan the perfect spa day at home. 

Write letters to each other to open in 10 years
Let’s face itsome day you and your bestie may go off to different colleges, move away or decide to do your own thing. Staying in touch can be hard, but it's important to maintain your forever friendship. Write letters to each other and seal them up tight. When you open them in a few years or so, you will remember what great friends you have always been. 

Devote a day to the Insta
Spend a whole day taking pictures in front of fancy walls and capturing candid moments. You and your BFF will have a great day finding the perfect spots to take those Instagram worthy pics.

Have your own fancy dinner party
Dress up in your fanciest attire, set the table and actually cook a meal for each other. Bonus: It's a great way to cultivate some killer cooking chops and try out that recipe you saw on Tasty last week.

Make a scrapbook of all of your memories together
After all of the memories you have created (and all of the things you have checked off your bucket list), it is time to make a scrapbook to help remember them all. Include lots of photos of each other from your favorite days and captions that explain every photo. Don’t forget to leave room for all the memories you will make in the future. 

How many of these things have you and your BFF checked off? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Instagram/lilireinhart


by Emily Mullin | 1/28/2019