It's totally okay not to have a best's why


Dwight has Michael. Rachel has Monica. Your little sis has her soccer teammate. And you...well, you have no one. Okay, that's not exactly trueyou have a squad you love to grab fro yo with on the weekends, but you don't have that *one* best friend. Is something wrong with you? Nope. Read on for why not having a BFF is not only OK, but totally normal.

Everyone is different.
Sounds cliche, but it's true. Some girls have one best friend, some girls have a whole group of best friends and some girls have a combo of both. There really is no "normal" when it comes to friendships, so quit comparing. 

You'll experience more.
If you're always spending time with one person, you may stay inside your comfort zone and avoid trying new things. Having friends from all different circles means you'll be exposed to more experiences, perspectives and ways of life.

You learn to be independent.
Since you don't have that one person who is there with you every single second, you get a lot better at dealing with stuff on your own, from coping with dude drama to picking out a prom dress. And that's an *awesome* trait to have. Just make sure you aren't bottling up things inside. Even if you don't have a BFF, find someone you can trust to talk to when you need it. 

Friendships can't be forced.
No matter how badly you might want a BFF, you can't fake (or force) that kind of connection. Don't go searching for your next bestie...let it happen naturally. You can make BFFs anytime and anywhere, so don't worry that you "missed" your chance at a best friend. For now, just focus on being the best you possible. 

Do you have one best friend? Or a group of friends? Let us know in the comments! 


by Amanda Tarlton | 9/11/2019