8 things to do with your girl squad over spring break


Very important news: Spring Break is not the time to binge-watch Netflix and nosh on leftover pizza in bed (although a day or two of that is *definitely* OK). Actually, Spring Break you should be spending your time off doing the most—here's how.

1. Throw an old school sleepover. Be sure to stock up on Ben & Jerry's, Pizza Bites and the cheesiest rom-coms you can find for the best girls' night in.

2. Get mani-pedis. Flip flop season calls for a pedicure and some springtime color--we love pastels like this one by Essie.

3. Go on a hike. Spring break is the perfect time for a hike because it's not too hot or too cold. Plus, you can take some *amazing* instas in nature.

4. Invite your girls over for a crafternoon. Hit up Pinterest for inspo or try one of our picks like this pretty flower mirror.

5. Walk down memory lane. Go through your old yearbooks and pictures together. Nothing like reminiscing over pictures from your awkward stage to make everyone laugh. 

6. Host a bake-off where you each make your fave recipes—and then taste test them all, obvs. Or don't bake at all with this edible cookie dough recipe

7. Try out hot yoga. Use your break as a opp to stop sweating the small stuff and recharge with your BFFs by signing up for a class. You might discover a passion you didn't know you had. 

8. Spring clean your room and redecorate (trust us, cleaning is way more fun when your friends are involved). Here are some ways to instantly upgrade your space.

How do you plan to spend spring break with your besties? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: JSTOR.


by Shiran Zecharya | 3/12/2019