8 totally weird friendships *every* girl has


We all have our social circles, besties and people we hang out with constantly. Those are all "normal" friendships but what about those people that are a little too close to just be considered acquaintances but not close enough to be BFFs? That weird gray area is where all these odd friendships reside. 

The only-in-a-group friend
The one you never hang out alone with because the only thing you have in common is your other friends. And the rare times you are left alone is full of awkward silences that usually ends up with both of you on your phones. 

The study buddy
You can definitely think of that one person who you just click with that sits at your table in math class. You get along great but because you are in such different social circles you never hang out outside of class. 

The family friend
You aren’t in the same social circles but your parents are, so you hang out when your fam’s are hanging out but not any other time.

The social media friend
You’ve probably got a lot of friends on social media but everyone has a few accounts that they know just a little too well. Like that friend you had in elementary school that you haven’t talked to in five years but you know that she dyed her hair purple two weeks ago. 

The frenemy
That one girl who calls herself your friend but you never trust her because she doesn’t really have your best interests at heart.

The long-time pal
Some of us have the one buddy who you've known since diapers and if you hadn’t met when you were two years old, you probably would never have been friends because you’re so different.

The obligation
You probably have a friend that you’ve drifted away from and even though you’re not super interested in being their friend anymore, you still feel obligated to try and hang out every once in a while. It’s a weird relationship because this is the type of friendship where you’re both not really interested in the other and yet you still text each other to hang every few months.

The lopsided friend
They might be way more enthusiastic about hanging out or vice versa. Or one of you does 90 percent of the talking instead of 50 percent resulting in an unequal friendship.

What's the weirdest friendship you've ever been in? Any odd friendship types we missed? Sound off in the comments!


by Maddie Smith | 5/12/2018
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