6 ways to keep in touch with your friends after graduation

Graduation is a bittersweet time of both sadness and happiness. On one hand, you've completed a part of your academic journey, and are moving on to the next chapter of your life. On the other hand, you are leaving a place that has played a large part in turning you into the person you are today. And the saddest part is saying goodbye to your friends.

You might worry that you will lose your friends now that you'll be at separate schools and while, yes, you might lose touch with some less-close acquaintances, you can still hold on to your besties with these six ways to make LDRs work with your girls.

Keep a group chat with your friends.
Sure, group chats were helpful in planning your Friday night movie marathons but now they're even *more* essential. Create a chat where you can stay updated on your friends’ lives while updating them on your own as well, no matter how many miles are between you.

Set video dates.
While messaging is nice, there is always something special about seeing someone face to face. Since that isn't always possible, you can use Skype or Facetime as an alternative. Hint: This is also perfect when you're trying to pick out your first day outfit and need your BFF's advice the night before.

Meet up once a month.
Pick a time and place when you're all back home and do something with your friends that you used to do. Whether you go to lunch at the hometown hangout or spend the day at the park, it will be a great way to catch up in person and have fun.

Start a book club.
After graduation, you'll meet new people and be doing different things...which can make it tough to find common interests to chat about with your high school besties. Try reading the same book or watching the same show on Netflix, then chatting once a week about it together. 

Visit your alma mater together.
Go back to the place where your relationship with your friends started. Reminisce on the time spent together in the cafeteria or in the calculus class that you hated. Don't forget to stop and see some of your favorite teachers and coaches, too.

Attend alumni events.
Often schools will put together events for their alumni a few times a year. Use those events as an opportunity to catch up with not only your own friends, but also the classmates that you weren't as close with but still miss.

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by Uchenna Nwodim | 6/3/2018
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