How to get closure after a friend breakup

Breakups are tough no matter who they're with. As we get older, there will be tons of people who enter and exit our lives so it's important to learn how to deal with these situations in a positive manner as they arise. Breaking up with your guy is hard enough but calling it quits on a friendship is a completely different story. If you feel like your friendship has gone south and there's definitely an end in sight, here's your guide to keeping things civil so you and your former best bud can part in peace. 

"There are friendships for a reason and others for a season."
Not everyone in your life is meant to stay.  Sometimes people come into your life to teach you a lesson, open your eyes to something new or lead you down a different path. Even if you thought they were supposed to be your ride or die to the end, things and people change all the time. Reflect on what good came out of the friendship and don't dwell on the bad. 

Accept the mistakes.
It's easy to want to put the blame on your former BFF for why the friendship didn't last, but remember, it takes two to tango. You are both growing and maturing and mistakes will be made along the way. Rather than beat yourself up or take it out on the other person, embrace the knowledge you gained from the experience and use it as you continue to work on yourself in future relationships.

Don't press for reconciliations.
While the mature thing to do would be to have a civil conversation about went awry in the friendship, that isn't always the case, or necessary. Come to terms with the fact that not everything can be mended with an upbeat chat and sometimes it's better for each of you to move on quitely. Respect each others' space but don't place bets on if you guys will be able to fix things in the future. Put your own well-being first.

Holding on to grudges is not cute. If you're stuck on a specific incident or are still puzzled as to where things went wrong you will likely be tempted to hold in anger until you get answers. Even so, it's best to avoid exploring feelings of guilt or rage. It's okay to be disappointed that things didn't pan out but forgiving and moving on is the more mature way to handle those emotions. Use what you've learned and apply it to your life in a positive way.

Have you ever experienced a break up with a bestie? Tell us how you found closure in the comments.  

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by Karlyn Sykes | 6/4/2017