6 little ways to remind your bestie you love her


Whether you've been best friends since diapers, or met this summer, you and your bestie are #goals. And now you can be the *best* BFF to her by reminding her how much you love her with the advice below.

Always text her back.
Did she text you earlier but your mom was ranting about the dishes…again? Don’t forget to text her back! If you can’t respond right away, she’ll understand. But remembering to get back to her later will remind her that you care.

Leave her cute little notes.
Drop a note in her volleyball bag before the big game that says “You got this! Love you lots #16.” Cute little reminders and notes of encouragement will brighten her day.

Listen when she talks.
One of the most annoying things is when you’re trying to talk to someone and you just know they aren’t paying attention. Be sure to listen to your homegirl next time you’re chatting. Whether she has something major going on at home, or wanted to tell you that she changed her favorite color, it’s *so* important that she knows you’re always there for her.

Let her choose the agenda.
Look, we love Chipotle too but if your BFF's favorite lunch spot is Subway, go there sometimes. If you are always dragging her to the pool but you know she’s dying to see that new movie, head over there instead. It’s important that you both get to do stuff you love.

Grab her favorite drink on your way out.
You beat the traffic and are early for your mall meet-up so you decide to grab a coffee. Do you know your bestie’s fave drink? (Chances are you do!) Go ahead and order her one—imagine how special she’ll feel when she knows you thought of her.

Give her a hug.
Even though you’re sure that she knows you love her, give her a hug and tell her how much you love her anyway. We *all* need to hear it sometimes.

How do you show *your* BFF you care? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: GIPHY, Pinterest.


by Aly Prouty | 9/18/2018