7 guy friends every girl's gotta have


Having a boy buddy rocks! You can borrow his DS, unleash a monster burp and get skateboarding lessons. And that’s on any random Saturday.

When did girls figure out guys have great friend potential? There always have been, and always will be, girls who know the value of friendships with boys. These girls aren’t tomboys or girl-hatin’ or pulling that “friends with benefits” thing, secretly making out in clandestine locations around campus. They are girls just like you who simply don’t see boys as romance-only options. Guys are made for hangin’ out. And much like the different kinds of girl friends you have, your future boy buds are all special in their own ways. A guy can even be your BFF! That’s why GL has rounded up the seven best boy buddies a girl could ever have. Yes, seven! Who knew?

The Tour Guide

Who He Is
This guy is your personal concierge into the Minds of Men. Why are guys so into video games—is World of Warcraft really that amazing? How come the cute guy in Spanish doesn’t care if he has a gross crusty in the corner of his mouth? Does your crush realize that, even though he likes you back, waiting until the next millenium to call you just isn’t cool? This bud makes all these boy mysteries (and so much more) oh-so crystal clear.

Why He Rocks

You’ve always wanted an all-access pass to the inner sanctum of Teen Man, right? Finally, you scored a fly on the locker-room wall. He’ll give you deft advice on what to text your crush. He’ll tell you that your hot-pink lip gloss and electric-blue mascara weird guys out because you really look like a Bratz doll. You need to know the boy POV, and this buddy gives good view.

The Wireless Wizard

Who He Is
He’s a gizmo guy! He’s got two iPods—one for his vids and pics, and the Nano for everything else. His home computer has all the bells and whistles, complete with a mini-cam so he can upload his directorial debut on YouTube while he tools around on all of your crew’s Facebook pages. Chances are this boy buddy also has a complete collection of every video game known to boykind, and a tricked-out cell phone that has different ringtones for everyone who might call him. He’s thoroughly down with digital.

Why He Rocks

Want to double the songs on your iTunes? To him, that’s what friends are for. So toss him your MP3 player for the weekend, and he’ll have you set up by Monday morning. Is your e-mail address old-school (hello, AOL?) or your Facebook boring and blah? Let techie take the wheel, install a couple programs, upload some images—and ding-ding! You’re high-tech.

The Girl Replacement

Who He Is
He’s as much fun as your BFF, except better since what he lacks is mindless drama. Because guess what—he honestly doesn’t give a hoot what you look like since he’s not looking. Call the fashion police because you wore an apricot tee with plum capris? Oh, puh-lease! He serves up a mini-break from the sticky side of girlness. He’ll hang out, order chili on your shared French fries, maybe even go sneaker shopping. He’s a blast, and he just happens to be a boy.

Why He Rocks

Let your hair down, literally, around this boy, and slap on a baseball cap. Haven’t you always wanted to watch TiVo’d reality TV and pig out on delivery pizza without talking about your thighs? He might tease you about your padded bra, new short ’do or sparkle sandals, but so what? He’s just being chill. He’s your boy/girl friend! It’s his job to give you a good what’s-what now and again. High-five!

The Secret BF

Who He Is

He’s cute, that’s for sure. He makes you laugh. He has gorgeous eyes. You like his hair. He likes to hang out with you a lot, and you two always do fun stuff together, like go to Taco Bell at midnight in your pajamas. He tells you how much he likes your hair pulled back into a ponytail, and for some reason you know which jeans he likes best on you. He can’t stand your crush, and tells you all the time the guy’s not even a little bit deserving of you. He’s a great friend, and isn’t afraid to put an arm around you or give you a hug goodbye.

Why He Rocks
He’s already the friend in boyfriend, and he likes you. He probably hasn’t said anything because you are such great pals. He values your friendship enough to not rock that boat for now. But it’s getting more clear every day that he’d go there if you gave him a signal. So do you? Honesty and warmth are your best bets with this one. Avoid dropping a vague hint or being clever. Ask him straight-up if he thinks about kissing you. Or tell him you sometimes think about kissing him. Then…see what happens.

The Back-Up Date
Who He Is
He’s a good sport about girly stuff, even if he requires an iTunes gift-card payment for his well-dressed (read: itchy-suit) services. There’s a dance on the horizon—and it should be fun because everyone’s going—but he doesn’t like anyone and you don’t like anyone, so why shouldn’t you go together? Exactly. This boy is all too happy to be your stand-in date. He shows up with a corsage and smiles like the sweetie he is while your parents snap too many photos.

Why He Rocks

He’ll offer you his arm when your crush doesn’t so much as acknowledge your existence. Oof, the romance quandary. So why not just go to movies, sporting events and school plays with your boy buddy? Here he is! Dateless and fun and ready to rescue you from date-night delirium. No “will he kiss me?” thoughts to cloud the evening, and no sweaty-palmed hand-holding. And he makes a much better choice than your cousin from Snoreville.

The Personal Trainer

Who He Is
He loves, loves, loves the active stuff: skateboarding, biking, snowboarding, surfing and anything involving a bungee cord. He loves sports and organizes games with the guys, like b-ball at the park on Saturday. He might even do the traditional workout thing, and he’s on a team or two at school. He’s cool because he’s healthy and fun-lovin’.

Why He Rocks
Hanging out online is fine and good, but this guy will get your hooptie up off that couch! If your definition of cardio is mall-crawling with friends, it’s time to work it boy-style. Staying inside and watching a movie? Never! He keeps it movin’, and by “it” we mean you. Have a helmet?

The Coffee Mate

Who He Is
He’s your therapist, confidante and all-ears friend. He listens, then gives excellent boy-inspired advice. And it’s not all deep feelings and probs. He laughs with you at dumb stuff no one else thinks is funny. You two always have something to talk about. All chit-chat and chai lattes.

Why He Rocks

This boy covers for you on anything, from your outrageous coffee-shop tab to parent freak-outs because you dyed a strip of hair deep purple. He’s down with your feelings, and helps you keep it real. He’s the perfect accompaniment to every cup of joe. Best of all, he gets you.

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by Jodi Bryson | 2/1/2016