8 not-awkward dates to go on with new friends

It’s that time of year: School is starting back up. And even if you already have a stacked squad, maybe you think the girl you sit next to in bio class is pretty awesome. You’ve finally gotten the courage to ask your new friend to hang out...but now what do you two do together? Check out the list below of things to do with your new friends and remember that some of these things may require a little more effort, but your potential pal will *definitely* appreciate it. 

1. Go bowling. Bowling is a relatively cheap (and low-key) activity that doesn’t require much athletic skill or effort. Head over to your community’s bowling alley on a Friday night, order a pizza and see who can knock down the most pins. 

2. Try ice skating. There are indoor ice skating rinks everywhere, and like bowling, it’s a great activity for beginners and more advanced athletes. Plus, it's a good workout, too. And who doesn’t love the hot chocolate afterwards? 

3. Visit a pumpkin patch. The beginning of fall = the beginning of all things pumpkin. Hitting the nearest patch is a super fun way to connect with someone one-on-one and snag some awesome Insta pics while you do it. 

4. Have a game night. If your new friend is into board games, video games or cards, invite her over for a game night. Whether it’s just the two of you or a group, it’ll be an enjoyable night for everyone, *especially* if you play Apples to Apples (that's our fave!). 

5. Throw a mani-pedi party at home. Choose a few of your prettiest polishes, call a friend over and take turns painting each other’s nails. You could even do matching ones for future BFF vibes. 

6. Organize a study sesh. This is a great opp if you met in class and need an excuse to break the ice and hang out. That girl in English who understands Macbeth really well can help you out with that while you teach her prepositional pronouns.

7. Bake cookies together. Ask your friend what she likes: cookies, cakes, pies, etc. Gather up the ingredients, then put on aprons and oven mitts and whip up an apple pie or banana bread. While it’s baking in the oven, take the chance to talk and get to know her better. 

8. Play laser tag. You’re not too old to go laser tagging, we promise. Grab a group of friends and split up into teams—it's thrilling and it's an excellent bonding activity for the whole squad. 

Have you tried any of these activities with friends? Let us know in the comments below!


by Amrita Bhasin | 8/17/2017