7 reasons to stop saying "girls are too much drama"

Ugh, girls are so much drama. Have you heard or said this before? Sometimes conflicts with other girls can get tough and complicated, and sometimes girls can be mean. But that doesn’t mean that girls are too much drama. Here’s why:

1.     Some girls aren’t dramatic. 
Chances are, you’ve met a dramatic girl. You’ve probably met several. But you’ve probably also met a girl who’s cool and calm—who spends most of her time at a level of chill that seems impossible. So why would we say all girls are too much drama because we’re mad at one or two girls?

2.     Some boys are dramatic.
The common stereotype is that boys are more laidback than girls. But, of course, some boys are not laidback and some can be quite dramatic. Haven’t you dealt with competitive boys at school or heard boys gossip with each other?

3.     It implies that being a boy is better than being a girl.
When we say, “ugh, girls are so much drama,” we’re connecting a negative characteristic (being too dramatic) to being a girl. Girls who don’t fit this stereotype are often called “one of the guys” or a “tomboy” instead of just being a girl with a cool personality. What’s up with that?

4.     Girls are pressured to compete with each other.
A big reason why it might seem like girls are more dramatic is because girls feel like they have to compete with each other. Girls don’t always treat each other very well, and sometimes it’s because of jealousy or other competitive feelings. When you see an awesome girl, instead of thinking, “wow, she would be a great friend,” you might think, “she’s not as smart and pretty as she thinks she is.” You probably don’t even realize that you do this sometimes because competition among girls is so common.

5.     Being a girl is stressful and hard sometimes.
You know that being a girl can be tough. Girls face a lot of pressure to look and act certain way. Some girls might be mean or dramatic because of the pressure they face. Try to put yourself in other girls’ shoes sometimes. Most of the time, girls aren’t mean just for fun – they’re mean because of some struggles they might be dealing with.

6.     Being a girl is also awesome.
“Girls are too much drama” feels like a big insult slapped onto all girls. But you know what? Some girls might be dramatic. You might face messy, awful conflicts with some girls. But there are also many awesome girls out there. Being a girl is not a bad thing.

7.     You should stick up for yourself.
When you say “girls are too much drama,” you’re also insulting yourself. You might think you’re different from the girls you’re talking about, but think about your statement again: girls are too much drama. It sounds like you’re talking about all girls. Of course, some girls might be mean or dramatic. But the next time you have an issue with a girl, ask yourself, “is it because she’s a girl?” If you have a problem with a girl, it’s probably because of something she did or said—not because of her gender. 

What do you think about girl friends vs. guy friends? Tell us below! 

by Paige Sheffield | 8/21/2018