5 reasons it's OK not to be best friends anymore

As we get older, we change a lot and it’s hard when you and your bestie are growing up...and also apart. You start making new friends and soon enough, you and your BFF don't feel so much like, well, BFFs anymore. That's okay (even though it's hard) and here’s why.

1. You guys were best friends for a reason.
If you get along so well with someone, you were meant to be in each others' lives. Just because she might not be your go-to gal anymore doesn’t mean you should cut ties. You can still be friends without being *best* friends.

2. You aren’t a mean girl.
Just because you’re changing or she’s changing doesn’t mean you should stop talking. Unless there was something seriously toxic in your friendship cutting each other off is just mean.

3. It’s time to meet new people.
Meeting new people is a great way to start learning who you are and what you like. The more people you get to know the more experience you have with different types of people, so you get to learn how to interact with them.

4. It’s inevitable.
At different stages of life you are going to need different things. It’s okay that she’s not the right fit for this stage.

5. Change is how we grow.
Growing up is hard and the BFF time you had together was great, but when you’re growing up you’re meant to find new friends and grow closer to them.

Have you and a bestie grown apart? How did you handle it? Tell us in the comments below!


by Bella Torres | 12/2/2018