It's okay not to have a girl squad

When you're browsing your Insta feed, listening to pop songs or watching new movies, there’s a lot of emphasis put on cool, powerful girl squads. It’s awesome to see people appreciating strong female friendships, but that doesn’t mean you *need* to have your own girl squad in order to have great friends.

Maybe you have a few really close friends but they don’t really hang out with each other. Maybe you have a group of girl friends and guy friends. Maybe you prefer to hang out solo or one-on-one instead of in a big group.

Girl squads are great, but if you don’t have one, ditch your FOMO—you’re not missing out or failing to achieve #squadgoals if your friendships don’t fit the girl squad mold. Check out your Snapchat story and you’ll probably see big groups of trendy, empowered girls hanging out together. You can appreciate those cool squads and like their photos without envying them.

Guess what? Your friendships are great, too. Each friendship is meaningful in different ways. You have different memories and experiences with your friends that make you who you are. Your friendships don’t need to be the same as other people’s—what’s more important is that your friendships are real.

If you have loyal, funny friends who are there for you, it doesn’t matter whether or not they all hang out together or take cute selfies together—your friends are #goals, even if the internet doesn’t know it.

Value your friendships for what they are. You might not be able to coordinate an amazing group Halloween costume or have a squad sleepover, but you’re still surrounded by cool people and that’s what matters most.

What makes your friendships #goals? Let us know in the comments.  

by Paige Sheffield | 10/16/2018
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