How to be your own best friend forever

Having different kinds of friends is great. You have people to talk to and hang out with but sometimes you’ll have to do things on your own, and in these instances, you are the best friend you can have. So, you need to make sure that you are actually being a good friend to yourself...and you can start by following the steps below.

Think positively.
Good friends don’t put each other down; if you’re doing that to yourself, stop *right* now. Try to think good thoughts about yourself and feel confident and proud about who you are. 

Spend quality time with yourself.
It’s important to enjoy time you have to yourself. Hanging out with your girls is fun but there’s nothing like your own personal quality time. Take advantage of being able to listen to all your faves in the car or binge watching that new show you’re obsessed with on Netflix.

Treat yo self.
You’re such an awesome friend so it’s perfectly okay to gift yourself something every once in a while. It could be that cute top you’ve been looking at or taking yourself out for some fro-yo from your the local joint. 

Listen to your advice.
In most situations, you can trust your intuition (aka practice what you preach). If something doesn’t feel right, go with your gut and thank yourself later.

Be your own cheerleader.
Don’t look to others for validation or motivation to do something. Go for it! When you accomplish your goals, give yourself a pat on the back...that was all you.

Write it down.
Sometimes writing down your thoughts and feelings can be more therapeutic than talking to a friend. It allows you to reflect and rationalize things so that you can deal with them and move on. 

Are you a good friend to yourself?


by Lauren McMillan | 11/25/2018