Why your boyfriend should also be one of your best friends

Some people say that dating your best friend is the best thing ever. And we agree. Whether he's your BGF-turned-BF or you became besties after he became your boyf, here's why a fab friendship makes for a dynamic dating duo.

Especially as a teen, it’s important to make sure your relationship is fun. As in love as you feel, remember that you have a whole life ahead of you, so enjoy living in the moment. The person you’re dating should be fun, supportive and not over protective...just like your best friends are.

When you notice that your squad treats your BF like he’s part of the crew, that’s a tell-tale sign that you two aren’t just dating. As a single friend, it can feel awkward being the third wheel, but if you two can treat each other like friends it makes everyone else more comfortable around you. PDA isn’t the only way to show each other that you’re more than friends.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s crucial to make sure that you can talk like friends, hang out like friends and spend time with each other's friends. All the romantic stuff should come after because, if you don’t make those other meaningful connections, the romance won’t mean as much.

Not to put a damper on how happy you are, but you should think realistically. You two are sharing lots of memories and situations with each other. When the romance fizzles out, you shouldn't have to burn bridges. If during your relationship you built a solid friendship, you will still have that awesome connection to hold onto even if you break up.

How are you and your BF best friends? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Bella Torres | 11/2/2017