6 jewelry sets you and your BFF should be wearing

You and your BFF adore each other and you're not afraid to show it. In honor of your unbreakable bond, here are some pretty pieces that'll look great with all of your outfits while showing your appreciation for your bestie.

Seratonin necklace
When you're feeling down, she always knows how to cheer you up. Seratonin is the chemical that makes you happy and it has a super cool design.

Sun and moon bracelet
They always say that opposites attract. These sun and moon bracelets are perf for the besties that get along even though you are totally different.

Home slice necklace
For the whole squad, get this adorable necklace set reminiscent of your weekly pizza night. Did you notice it's also personalized with initials?

Ying yang bangle
If she's the ying to your yang, you have to get these.

Gemstone necklace
Because your BFF is such a gem...and so are you.

Best friend charm necklace
Keep it classic with this super simple best friend charm pendant.

Which set would you and your BFF wear? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest, Zappos, Amazon, Etsy, Claire's, ASOS .

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by Bella Torres | 11/6/2017