Adorable Instas to take with your BFF this season

The Christmas season is *full* of amazing Insta opps: pretty presents, twinkling lights, cozy clothes. And the only thing that makes all those festive photos better? Your BFF, duh. Below are super-cute pic you should take with your main girl (or girls!) this holiday to spread all the cheer.

1. The most basic pose of all = blowing snow. Don't forget the pom pom hats! 

2. Pop on your Christmas sweaters for this classic piggyback pic.

3. Caption idea: This holiday is *lit* with my BFF.

4. Fuzzy socks? Check. Snuggly PJs? Check. Best friend? Check.

5. As an alternative to #1, take a cute candid of your crew frolicking in the snow.

6. Deck yourselves in the cheesiest, extra, most festive accessories and hold a "Merry Christmas" garland. Buddy the Elf has *nothing* on you.

Which pose is your fave? Tell us below! 


by Amanda Tarlton | 12/2/2019