Bestie breakups: Should you break up with her fam too?

Her parents were like a second family to me, but we don't talk anymore. What do I do?

Most people don't realize how much loss comes with losing a close friendship—including the relationships you make with their family. Just because you no longer talk to your former bestie, it doesn't mean you have to give her fam the cold shoulder. Use this list of tips to steer through the awkwardness of a bestie fallout, while still maintaining a friendly relationship with her family.

Stay friendly
Just because you're no longer talking to your ex-bestie doesn't mean you have to avoid her parents at the grocery store. It's *highly* unlikely that her parents will suddenly dislike you, so don't be afraid to say hi. 

Be honest
While it's good to remain amicable, you can't pretend the breakup didn't happen. You can't just walk into their house and chill out in the living room like you used to. It *is* your former bestie's family, so you need to give them space. It doesn't feel good for anyone to come home one day to see her former friend just chatting it up with her mom in the kitchen.

Determine the relationship worth
If you want to maintain a relationship with her family, it's okay. If you want to distance yourself from the relationship, that's okay too. Sometimes the break up is just too bad that it's for the best that you move on. But it can be tricky if your bestie and her fam are also your neighbors so no matter what you do, you can't get away. Whatever you decide, just know that the parents will understand your decision. Friendships ending is a natural part of growing up so it's unlikely that they will take it personally. Be sure to do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Have you ever had a friendship breakup involving family? Let us know in the comments below how you survived it.


by Andrea Ruano | 2/7/2019