How to help a friend that's hurting—even if she hasn't told you

Oh no! Your friend is in a tough spot. But how do you deal when she has not yet asked for help? It can be tricky navigating this terrain—especially if your friend has been quiet. Follow these steps to delicately approach and help your hurting friend. 

Identify the situation
If your friend is in a tough place, but she has not yet told you, maybe it's because she is not yet ready to talk about it. However, if she is dropping subtle hints, try to figure out whats bugging her.

Confront your friend
Maybe you are reading into things. Maybe you're not. The only way you can know is by asking. If you think something is wrong, confront her kindly with compassion and love.

Let her know she has you
Even if she thinks she can handle the problem on her own, let her know she has you. Sometimes when we are in sticky situations, we want to handle it solo. While this is okay, it's important for her to know, you have her back.

Handle the problem together
Now that you know, see what you can do to help. Although you might want to jump right in, the best thing you can do is listen. What does she want you to do? Maybe she needs some advice…or maybe, she needs help with the problem at hand. There could be a bunch of things you could do. But let her tell you, before acting.

Have you ever helped a friend in a tough situation? Let us know in the comments below!


by Alyshia Hull | 2/12/2018
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