7 reasons Peyton List would make the *best* bestie

HBD to Peyton List—Disney queen and star of the upcoming flick Departures. Today, the star enters a brand new decade, 20, and we are *here* to celebrate. Because, honestly, Peyton would be the *best* bestie. She's got a wicked fashion sense, a kind heart and amaze sense of humor.

1. She would cheer for your opportunities...
Did you know Peyton's two brothers are also actors? You can call it sisterly love, but Peyton has been known for cheering them on. We bet she does the same for her besties. 

2. She would give the best styling tips
We all need a friend with a strong fashion sense, right? Well, with Peyton in your crew, you would be on-trend all of the time. (Talk about a girl with many talents!)

3. Hard work ethic...
It's no secret, Peyton works hard, really hard! Which is a great trait in a bestie. Honestly, we're inspired by her work ethic, already. But can you imagine the inspiration you would feel with her as our BFF?

"I treat everyone on set like an extension of my family and take the time to get to know each and every individual," Peyton told Clevver News.

4. She is funny...
Have you ever seen a Peyton List Vine? If not, you are *totally* missing out. Peyton is a super funny person... Which means she would be a super funny friend too! 

5. She would encourage you to go makeup free.
"Lately I’ve been liking no filter, just really good natural light. I want my Instagrams to be pretty true to what I look like when I meet people in person," Peyton told InStyle. We think Peyton would encourage her besties to do the same thing.

6.  She is an animal lover...
Did you know Peyton used to bring her dog to the Jessie set. And let's not forget her social media accounts...dogs everywhere. Any girl, who loves dogs like Peyton, makes our bestie list automatically. 

7.  She's caring...
Last year, Peyton held a meet and greet to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We should all surround ourselves with kind, loving, good hearted people, right?!

Tell us in the comments below, what do you love most about Peyton?


by Alyshia Hull | 4/6/2018
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