The *best* games for your next sleepover

Are you a fan of hosting sleepovers? If so, you are probably the queen of fun games and activities. Tired of the same tried and true party tricks? Update and upgrade your usual slew of sleepover games with these fun and silly ideas—your bag of tricks will be refreshed and you'll keep your friends entertained for hours.  

1. Messy dressing: For the creative crew
Are your friends crafty? If so, this game could be for your gang. In this one, everyone has to make a dress or an outfit with a bunch of random supplies. Whoever makes the best creation before the timer runs out wins. Your supplies could include: toilet paper, garbage bags, stickers, glitter, you name it.  

2. Speak out: For the friends who love a good challenege  
In this game, have a friend or family member who is not playing the game, write down a bunch of funny phrases. Then with the speak out mouth piece, say the phrase. Your friends have to then guess what you are saying. While, the game comes with a bunch of phrases, making your own will make the game that much harder.

3. Outdoor paint fight: For the I-don't-mind-getting-messy group
Warning: This one might require some parental permission. But if you are up for a messy, outdoor game, paint fights are always fun! While, you can have a paint fight in many ways, we suggest using balloons. Just like a water balloon fight, you can play this game by filling the balloons with paint instead of water. (Make sure the paint is non-toxic. Pre-school paint is your best bet). 

4. Pie in the face: For the girls who love mixing foods with anything
What's equally as messy as a paint fight? A pie in your face! In this one, you will need to buy the Pie In The Face game from your local toy store (or get crafty and engineer this yourself). Place some whip cream onto the arm of the game. From there, you will spin the dial and land on a number, cranking the arm of your game and hoping it doesn't splatter you with whip cream. But hey, that's the best part, right?

5. Midnight nerf wars: For the night owls
Ahhh, nerf guns—they are sooo fun! But have you ever played midnight nerf wars? In this game, you turn off the lights and hide from your tagger. When the tagger spots you, they have to shoot and hit you with a nerf gun pellet. If they do, you are the next tagger. (Careful this game will keep you up *all* night.)

6. Nail polish spinners: For the girly night in 
In this one, you will make different spinners that read different colors. When your spinner lands on a color, that is the color you will have to use for painting your nails. But don't stop there, you can use this same game for different makeup colors too. Orange lips, blue eye shadow, green eye liner. Why not?   

Tell us in the comments below what *your* favorite sleepover games are?


by Alyshia Hull | 4/16/2018