10 reasons why going to prom with your bestie is better

If you didn't get your dream promposal by your dream guy for prom this year, don't fret it! Going to prom with your group of besties is *so* much better than spending the entire night with just one person. Here's why:

1. You can actually get dressed together

The best part of prom is getting dolled up and pampered...together. Put on your favorite playlist to get pumped for one of the best nights ever.

2. They are the perfect dance partners

All those sleepovers and late night dance parties will come to good use on prom night. Show the rest of your classmates your creative dance moves to blow them away.

3. No awkward slow dancing involved

It's a hit or miss. You can avoid all of it by just taking a break with your girls and let the other couples have the dance floor.

4. You won't be a third (or eleventh) wheel

No matter how hard they try to make you feel comfortable and not left out, there's no ignoring that you don't have a date. No boys allowed.

5. There's no pressure to be perfect

Your friends know you best. Being with a date can sometimes make you feel like everything needs to be perfect in order to have a great time. There's no need to spend the whole night trying to be someone you're not when you are with your friends.

6. It won't be awkward

Sometimes we don't really know our crush beyond physical looks. Avoid the what-ifs and spend time with the ones you actually know best.

7. Your parents will be more comfortable

Our parents know our friends just as much as we do, and they'll be sure to be more comfortable knowing that you are with people they know and trust than a cute stranger.

8. You can take pictures all night long

Photos last forever, so why not take lots of them on one memeorable night with the most memorable people in your life?

9. Best friends are forever

Crushes come and go, but friends last for years and years. 

10. They'll make it a night to remember

Prom is one of the best events in your high school career. All your friends who you've spent the last four years with get to party with you one last time before they begin to go their separate ways. There's no better way to end senior year than with them!

Will you be with your friends at prom? Let us know in the comments!

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by Toyin Akinwande | 5/16/2018
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