Need something to do? Have a photoshoot with your best friends

Gather all your girls, makeup and cutest outfits. It’s time to have a photoshoot. Take our lead and use these three tips to bust your boredom and create a phenom photoshoot. You'll be posting these to Insta in no time.

Get glammed up. 
First you need decide what to wear. Do you have a color scheme? Bold patterns? High heels? Trendy sneakers? Whatever your look may be, get all your girls on board. Then turn up the music and have a ball getting ready! It’s all about you. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a bright eyeshadow that you want to try or feel like rocking a red lip. Do whatever makes you feel your best. 

Find the perfect backdrop.
Once your group is ready to go you need to decide where to take photos. Maybe you know of a local spot to take artsy shots, or have a place that’s special to you like a field, a wall of awesome graffiti, or a stream by your house. If not, make your own. Find a room with a white wall, and hang fairy lights, make paper garlands, do whatever you feel would make your background your own. If you have a car or transportation you can even go to many locations in one day!

Your time in the spotlight.
Lights. Camera. Action. Make sure to take turns taking pictures to make sure that all your friends are included, or even set the timer on your camera and get a full group shot. Take as many photos as possible to be sure you get some cute ones. Don’t worry you can delete the really bad photos later! 

Having a photoshoot is as much about the process of getting ready as it is taking the photos. You want to make memories that you’ll never forget. So do each other’s makeup, sing at the top of your lungs while getting dressed and take the silly photos you never knew you needed. 

Have you ever planned a photoshoot with friends? Tell us in the comments below!



by Margot Kohler | 6/6/2018
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