10 characteristics that describe a *true* friend

We all have an idea of what a friend is, however, do we really know what a friendship consists of? Of course, there's the obvious: you get along with each other, love the same flicks and hang out *all* the time. But did you know that there are 10 strong characteristics that describe what friendship really is? Keep reading for our traits we look for in a bestie.

F - faithful
Friendship is about being there for a friend no matter the sitch. Being faithful will help strengthen the friendship by being able to take risks together and invest in one another.

R- respectful
Everyone in a friendship has to be able to respect the other's values and beliefs as well as listening to what they have to say and understanding why they have certain opinions.

I- inspiring
Being a friend, you want to inspire others to do what is best for them and inspire them to do what they feel is right.

E- empathy
It is important to be there for a friend and help them when they are going through either a bad or good time. Empathy helps friends feel how the other is feeling to understand what they're going through.

N- nice
Everyone wants a friend who is nice and pleasant to be around.

D- devoted
Friends who are devoted to the friendship will be able to go a while without seeing each other and are still able to remain great friends.

S- supportive
Friends have to support what you want to do even if they do not enjoy it themselves. Friends should be there for each other and cheer one another on through life.

H- honesty
It is healthy to be honest to your bestie. It's important to tell them whatever they need to know. Lies hurt more than the truth…just be honest.

I- imaginative
Have fun, do stuff that is original, have a friendship that stands out being of its uniqueness.

P- personality
Friends have to be their own person and have a personality of their own. Being original in a friendship will allow it to be different and fun.



by Mallory Paul | 6/8/2018