10 ways to build your bestie's self-esteem

Everyone needs a boost of self-confidence every now and again even a person as wonderful as your bestie. There’s nothing more special than a friend who supports and uplifts you. So, say these things to your friend and watch her face light up with joy.

1. Tell her she’s beautiful

In a world filled with impossible beauty standards for women, being reminded of one's beauty is essential. Trust us, your bestie’s face will light up when you say this.

2. Notice something she is good at

Whenever you notice something your bestie is good at, tell her how talented she is. Who knows, she may not have recognized it herself until you said something.

3. Share a story of when she inspired you

Friends are always inspiring one another, whether it’s intentional or not. So, take a trip down memory lane and tell a story of how she helped you. It’ll make her grin from ear to ear.

4. Share your favorite quality about her

We can get so caught up in our flaws, we forget all our wonderful characteristics. So, tell your bestie one of her qualities that made you want to be her best friend.

5. Say I love you

It’s a simple phrase, but it has the power to make or break somebody’s day. Brighten your bestie’s day with some friendly love. 

6. Recognize one of her accomplishments

Did your bestie win some kind of award? Did she get an A in class? Well, recognize her accomplishment and tell her you are proud to see her succeed. It’s nice to be celebrated every once in a while.

7. Tell her why she’s your best friend

What makes your bestie your bestie? Why have you remained best friends for so long? Share the answer with her and watch your friendship get even stronger. 

8. Remind her how much she’s improved

I bet you’ve known your bestie for a few years, right? Well if that’s the case you’ve watched each other improve in more ways that one. So, share with your friend how well she is blossoming into a strong and beautiful woman. 

9. Remind her of all the good in her life

Tell your bestie all the great things she has going for her. Does she have a great family support system? Is she incredibly intelligent? Is she getting a quality education? Whatever it is that will serve her well in the future, remind her of it.

10. Tell her you’ll always be there for her

The future brings change and change can be scary. Having a friend like you there by your bestie’s side will make life a whole lot easier. Just remind her of that.


by Joy Cato | 6/8/2018
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