"My friend likes to steal my best friends"

Got a pal who loves to poach? Having multiple groups of friends is great, but it's hard sometimes when those worlds collide. Here is some advice to keep things flowing, when two friend groups are becoming one-ish.

1. Make sure you communicate
If you feel that a friend wants to tag along to all the hang-outs you attend with your other friends and it bothers you occasionally, gently explain how doing your own thing sometimes is OK. 

2. Invite everyone on big hangouts 
One-on-one friend time isn't the only way to roll. If there's an event where it makes sense to invite *everyone* go for it. Some people will hit it off, others might clump in their own group. It's all good either way.

3. Don’t ignore her
If a friend is invading your space, pretending she doesn't exist won't help. Instead, kindly let her know you need some alone time.

4. Allow everything to fall into place
You might not like combining BFFs from different branches of the friend tree. But think about it from her point of view. Would you want to be solo 24/7? Everyone likes to feel included, so know that blending groups sometimes allows new BFFs to emerge. 

5. No secrets
We're not saying you have to tell your friend everything, but sneaking around because you're scared of hurting her feelings won't help anyone. If you're feel the urge to fib when she asks what you're up to, ask yourself what you're trying to hide from her. Are you worried you'll lose your other crew? Worried they won't get her wacky sense of humor? We bet whatever if you're worrying might happen won't actually go down in real life.

Who knows? Everyone might hit it off. You have to stay true to yourself and remember that communication is key with any friendship.

Have you ever combined two friend groups? How did it go?


by Rachel Shvalb | 7/20/2018
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