Unique gifts to give your friend who's moving

Sometimes your friend has to move. Whether it's because of their parents or school, it's sad. We know it's hard to accept, but you can't *really* do anything about it. Instead of crying and essentially blaming your friend, try to enjoy the times with them while they're still here. Or you may regret it later. 

They're most likely going to visit you again, so don't worry too much. But when it's time for them to leave, you want them to remember you *forever.* Even if it's for a few months. Check out these creative gifts that you can buy or make for your friend as a going away present. They won't have you with them, but they'll have these.

1. Collage Pillows, $20

Your friend's def going to need decor, especially pillows. So why not get them one with photos of you (or both) on it? Now, they'll always be reminded of the memories.

2. Build-a-Bear, $12-$35

Stuffed animals are go-to gifts. They're cute and reliable, but they're even better when you get to build and dress them. Give your friend a cuddle buddy. Don't forget to record a message! Note: The price noted above does not include clothes and accessories, and the final price completely depends on how you choose to customize it.

3. Memory Shadowbox/Frame, $10-30

If you're more into DIY, buy a shadowbox/frame and gather some photos, stickers, tickets, and anything that you and your friend love to make a cooler version of a scrapbook. 

4. Fingerprint Rings, $55

How nice and personal are these rings? You can even add a little message. Your friend's going to literally be with you at all times. 

5. Long Distance Touch Lamps, $75

Tap tap. Whenever you miss or think of your friend, just touch the light and it'll turn theirs on. The lamps are connected via WiFi. How cool's that?

6. Phone Cases, $5-20

You'll both be on your phones, so getting a BFF case would be perf. You can get matching or cute, funny ones. Or make it a date and DIY with each other.

7. Personalized Necklaces, $20-50

Customized anything is a yes. And if it's customized dainty necklaces, then that's a double yes. Your friend can wear your name, the shape of a state, or coordinates, while you wear hers. You'll both be forever connected!

8. Matching Mugs, $15-20

If you're going to be far away from your friend, of course, you want something matching. You both can now enjoy coffee or tea together even though they're away.

What would you give your friend? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Syda Productions, Stitchta, Build-a-Bear, Pinterest, Etsy, Uncommon Goods


by Kelly Zheng | 7/29/2018