10 weird things only best friends do

Today is National Best Friend Day – a perfect time to look around and appreciate that crew that gets you through!

Here are our 10 weird-but-cute things that only true besties will understand:

1. Plan your weddings to people you haven't even met yet


You may be single, but that doesn't mean you and your BFF can't pick out the color of your bridesmaids' dresses and the type of cake you're going to have.

2. Hug it out

OK, so maybe we have to social-distance "air hug" for now, but when you're having a bad day, nothing beats some love from the bestie.

3. Feel each other's hairy legs
It's something only best friends do for each other. You gotta make sure they're not *too* hairy to leave the house, or convince each other it doesn't matter even if they are.

4. Have entire conversations in random accents


Who else can you pretend to be British or German with for hours on end? 

5. Listen to the same song 25 a row


Listen, if it's your song, it's *your* song. Only a bestie will sit through and dance to your fave song for hours on end.

6.  Two words: "Check me"
You know your bestie has your back...literally. You ask her to check your pants to see if you've bled through them while on your period, and you do the same. #bffgoals

7. Basically create your own language


You and your bestie have so many inside jokes, code names and one-liners that when you speak it's almost impossible for anyone else to understand. 

8. Pretty much live at each other's houses
​​​​​​​You walk into each other's houses as if they were your own and treat her family like yours. Sometimes you even forget it's not your house!

9. Essentially co-own each other's stuff


You share things so much that, at this point, it's difficult to know which item belongs to which you co-own them. What's mine is yours, right?

10. Have *complete* honesty with each other


From that strange rash on your leg to your deepest fear to your biggest insecurities, your bestie knows it all. Whatever it is, you guys are pretty much one brain.

Having a best friend is amazing for so many reasons, but some of the best are all of the weird things you can do together. Nobody has your back like your bestie!


by Alexandra Shea and Aly Prouty | 6/8/2020