Build the *ultimate* bestie bucket list inspired by the Friendship List series

In the Friendship List series, besties Ari and Kaylan check off challenges to make middle school *and* their friendship more amazing. Read on for two real-girl reviews of the first book in the series, 11 Before 12...then scroll down for ideas on building your *own* bucket list to share with a BFF!

Jamie D. says...
Book bio.
Kaylan and Arianna create a list of 11 totally awesome things they have to do before they turn 12. But there’s one thing they didn’t plan: growing apart. Can they maintain best friend status?

Emotional moments. This classic coming-of-age story was filled with so many unexpected scenes. One item on the list was to “have a mature discussion with our moms about their flaws,” which we first thought would be a bit awk—but it turned out to be a very emotionally mature and courageous conversation.

Grace N. says...
Character crush.
 Kaylan wants to find her place without giving in to peer pressure. There’s this scene that involves her brother *and* the guy she has a crush on, who ends up being really cruel. Kaylan handled the situation in such an admirable way that really made her stand out as a role model.

Wise words. Important facts about friendship found on page 341: “Just because you’re BFFs with someone doesn’t mean you’re exactly the same as they are. And that’s okay. That’s probably better, actually.”

Okay, time to build you own 11 Before 12-inspired bucket list. Pick one challenge from each category, then check off every awesome item!

+ Get dancey. Grab your sibs, pick a music video dance and learn it. Perform for your parents, your friends or, you know, just bust a move whenever.
+ Say "I love you." Your fam is always by your side, and there's never a better time than now to tell them how much you appreciate them. 

+ Put on a boy-girl party. A perfect op to chat with your crush and make new friends, no?
+ Throw a photo shoot. Get your girls to the most Instagram-worthy spot in town, serve looks, then snap away.

+ Pair up for Halloween.
Couples costumes aren't just for couples anymore! Plan a two-part costume to rock around the block with your girl while you trick-or-treat this year. Think: a strawberry and a pineapple, salt and pepper or your fave fictional characters.
+ Raid someone's closet. Put together a fashion week-worthy look from your mom's wardrobe (with her permission, ofc) then strut your stuff in a fashion show of your own.

+ Get your bake on. Don't go for boring cookies, though. Attempt an extravagant Pinterest-inspired concoction...and try not to fret if it fails. 
+ Try a strange new food trend. Picky eaters need not apply to this challenge. Think you hate Brussels sprouts? Not about beets? Try 'em anyway just to say you did.

+ Plan an epic scavenger hunt.
First one to collect all the totally out-there items wins!
+ Hit up a concert. Because dancing with your besties is *way* better than dancing solo.

And once you've checked off some challenges? Snag the next installation of the story, 12 Before 13, which just hit shelves from HarperCollins. When the tale continues, you won't want to miss what happens when the girls experience a life-changing summer. Can the babes be their own best selves...and still stay besties? Click here to start reading a sample!

by Sydney Adamson, Jamie D. and Grace N. | 9/15/2018
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