6 unexpected ways to bond with your bestie this summer

School’s out, which means a ton of free time to hang out with your best friend. But you’ve been to the beach, walked the entire mall, and seen the latest Blockbuster a dozen times. In a rut about how to hang? We’ve got you covered. Here are six less-traditional activities that will inspire you and your buds—and make for great bonding moments.

Take Martial Arts Classes

Boxing, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu—these are just three of the many different kinds of martial arts you and your BFF can explore this summer. Some programs focus on self-defense, while others emphasize the therapeutic value of letting out your bad vibes through controlled combat. Check out your local martial arts schools and gyms and see what programs they offer. You can learn self-defense skills, stay in shape, and reward yourself (smoothies, anyone?) after a tough sesh.


Volunteering can be impossible when school’s in. There’s so much pressure to get good grades, keep up with extracurriculars, and get enough sleep. That’s why summer is the best time to volunteer. Whether you read at an elder care-home, help with animals at your local animal shelter, or plant trees with the park service, helping others with your bestie will strengthen the bond between you, and doing good deeds has been shown to give you *all the endorphins*. Plus, it looks great on your college apps!

Start A Book Club

A ton of great books come out in the summer. Maybe you’re fangirling over the latest John Green novel, or getting lost in a twisty thriller. Whatever your pick, its twice as fun to read a book when you have someone to talk about it with. Book clubs are a great way to keep in touch with your BFF outside of school and cross some reads off your list. Bonus points if there’s a film adaptation to watch together. (Need some recommendations? Check out ‘Chloe’s Book Club’ & Girls’ Life’s Summer Recs.)

Launch a Youtube Channel

You and your bestie can create a Youtube channel about ~anything~. And there’s no need to have a pricey camera—a ton of creators get great video quality on their phone. From DIYs and beauty tutorials to video essays, or even performing an original song, you’ll find something you love to do and get to share it with the world. If one of you is camera-shy, feel free to direct and edit. You and your BFF can work together to create something you’re both proud of.


Watched an episode of Nailed It! and thought you could do better? Prove it, and whip up some delish treats with your girls. The process of baking is messy and fun, and getting to eat fresh-baked goods is worth the effort. Pull up some recipes online, or try to nail a Pinterest fave. Don’t forget to grab plenty of pics of your gram-worthy creations!


It’s never too late to master the art of paper folding. You can make swans, stars, flowers, and everything in between. There are plenty of easy online tutorials to get your fold on—or you can find a book on origami at your local library. This also gives you an excuse to hit up the craft store for some fancy patterned origami paper. Origami is super-chill, meaning you and your bestie can have a relaxed conversation, distraction-free.

Have you tried any of these fun activities? Let us know.


by Bailey Bujnosek | 6/20/2019