How to deal when your bestie moves far away

You and your best friend are completely inseparable. You have classes together, hang out after school, and she even came on your family vacation this year. But then, your bestie shares the *worst* news: she's moving far away.

It can be easy to panic—and getting emotional is a totally valid response to the news—but there are plenty of things you can do to make the sad situation a little better.

Keep In Touch

You'll obviously text and follow each other on Insta and Snap, but there are other creative ways to stay in contact. How about setting up a weekly "FaceTime date" where you watch your fave show together? You'll love getting each other's live commentary and it'll feel like you're just chillin' on the couch like old times. 

Try & Schedule Meetups Ahead Of Time

Of course you'll promise to see each other again sometime, but without a solid plan, that isn't going to happen. Picking specific dates, getting your parents involved, and booking flights/trains/whatever will make your plans a reality—and think of how much fun you'll have when you get to explore your bestie's new town! 

Stay Present With Your Other Friends

While your bestie will always have a special place in your heart (and memories), you can't forget about those who still live near you. Make sure you're not ignoring your other friends to keep up with your bestie—there's always room for balance, and your far-away friend will understand.

Accept That Your Friendship Will Be Different

At the end of the day, no matter how much you keep in touch, FaceTime, and even meet up, your friendship won't be quite the same. It's okay—you'll both meet new friends and deal with the new challenges in your lives as you grow older. Just because you're not as close as you once were, doesn't mean your friendship isn't worth maintaining.

Have you ever had to deal with your friend moving away? Share your experience in the comments below.


by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/25/2019