10 ways to surprise your bestie on National Friendship Day

Today isn't just a regular day—it's National Friendship Day! It's the perfect time to show your bestie how much you care, and we're giving you some inspo with these 10 tried-and-true surprises.  

1. Bring her her favorite Starbucks drink 
You obviously have her order memorized, so why not show your attention to detail?! Pick up her fave Starbucks drink and bring it to her house with a cute note like, “I love you a latte.”  If your bestie's not a coffee girl, you can also bring her some donuts with a “I donut know what I’d do without you” note!

2. Make her a friendship collage 
Print all your favorite pics in color or black and white, grab a wooden board and use regular Mod Podge to stick all of the pictures to the board in the shape of a heart. You can even paint over the top of the pictures with glitter Mod Podge (because who doesn’t love sparkles?). 

3. Send her a box of sunshine 
If you have a long distance bestie (like me!), then you can put together a special box to bring some sunshine to her day. To make her a “Box of Sunshine,” simply decorate a cardboard box with yellow paper and stickers, and add things that your bestie would love, that are all the color yellow. Top it off with some yellow or gold confetti and add a note, “Even though you’re miles away, I hope you have a special day!” We bet she'll FaceTime you as soon as she opens it!

4. Show her some Insta love
Dig through your old posts, old school pics and phone camera roll for your most iconic photos together. You can make a super collage, then top it all off with a sweet caption showcasing why your bestie's the best.

5. Leave her cute notes 
This one isn't difficult if you're good at being sneaky! Write reasons you love your bestie, inspirational quotes and memories you have with her on sticky notes. Hide the sticky notes around her house for her to find on National Friendship Day! 

6. Make friendship bracelets
You can surprise her with one, or suggest making them together. Follow these easy tutorials and you'll both be rocking your new arm bling in no time!

7. Give her a spa day 
Who doesn't love some pampering? DIY your own face masks, give each other mani-pedis, or try out some new hair tutorials.

8. Invite her over for dinner
Ask your mom or dad if your BFF can eat over, then stack the menu with some of her favorite foods. You can even decorate cupcakes together for dessert!

9. Do something you used to do as kids
We bet you and your BFF go way back. Think about what you used to do as kids—whether it was play with Barbies or ride bikes all day long—and dedicate the afternoon to a walk down memory lane. It'll remind you guys of your history!

10. Make her a playlist 
You know all her favorite songs, she knows yours… and then there’s those songs that are your songs. Make a playlist that's sentimental, dance-party-ready and everything in between!

Tell us in the comments: How do you plan to celebrate National Friend Day?


by Alison H. | 8/4/2019