Hey, BFF...We used to be so close...

There’s nothing like the heartbreak that comes with losing the one you shared all your secrets and laughs with. The hard reality of it is that sometimes friendships aren’t meant to last forever—often two people can grow apart as they grow up, or maybe one made a mistake that the other can’t forgive. This isn’t always a bad thing. As people come in and out of your life, they will all teach you different things about yourself and your surroundings. It’s a cycle that is truly there for your betterment and happiness. But, if you feel like you really want to reconnect with a BFF who's drifting, read on. 

Have that hard convo
As awkward as it may be, you absolutely must talk to your BFF about what's going on. Send her or him a text to see if you two can meet up. Speak openly about how you feel, and try not to accuse her or him of anything. This will clear up any present misunderstandings and introduce both perspectives about why you two may be drifting apart. Discuss how to prevent similar problematic situations in the future, and set rules that both of you can agree on. You might not solve all your problems with one conversation, but it's a great first step towards understanding if trust needs to be rebuilt, if an apology needs to be given, or if personal flaws need to be looked at.

Remind each other of the good times
Once you've cleared the air, make a plan to do something fun together. Maybe you both love fro-yo or once had an epic time at the trampoline park—sharing an experience that you both love will remind you two of why you were close in the first place. 

Keep your eyes open
If you're putting in the work but still feel like your BFF is acting distant or cold, it might be time to let go. This can be one of the hardest things to do, but if a person is meant to be in your life then they naturally will be. A friendship should never feel forced, and if this bond is still stressing you out, spend more time with other friends. In time, trust that you will make new friends that will bring you even more joy and laughter. Keep your heart open to them. 

Have you ever drifted from a BFF? Tell us about it in the comments.


by Cassandra R Lopez | 10/14/2019
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