5 ways to show your besties some love from a distance


We know how much it hurts to not be able to give your friends a hug right now, but there are still ways you can show them some *major* appreciation from afar. Here are five ways to show your friends how much they mean to you.

Celebrate their accomplishments


You know that one friend who always does the coolest things? Maybe they got all A's in their classes or became the captain of the softball team. Whatever it is, big or small, send a text to that friend, reminding them of how impressed you still are by their major achievement. It'll be a much-needed mood boost for both of you!

Host a virtual pampering sesh


Have a friend who's been feeling down lately? Tell them it's time for some virtual pampering—no ifs, ands or buts! Set a time for you and your friends to all jump on FaceTime or Zoom, and suggest that each of you indulge in self-care in some way. Make a homemade face mask, apply a deep-conditioning hair treatment—your choice! By the end of the call, you'll all feel way better.

Bake together via FaceTime or Zoom


If you've been missing the coffee shop dates you and your bestie used to go on, have a virtual baking date. You can text them a recipe, set a time to make it together, then video chat as you bake. Yum!



Having some *serious* drama with a friend? Social-distancing can make it easy to avoid the issue all together, but then you risk growing apart because you never settled anything. Instead, show them how much you care by having that tough convo, and then putting it behind you. Once you do, you'll realize what you were mad about probably wasn't that big of a deal after all! Your friendship is more important.

Look back on old mems


Nothing brings friends together like looking back on some of your fave memories. That one time you both tripped in front of your crushes? Yep, you remember that. Or when you laughed so hard at their joke, you shot soda out of your nose? You'll laugh about that, too. Talking over the phone or via text about your best times will make everyone in your squad feel the love.

What are you doing to stay close to your friends? Tell us in the comments!

by Taylor Dove | 3/31/2020