10 cute photos to recreate with your friends this summer

Summer is just two months away. We can't wait for sun tan lines, longer days and good times with friends. After all this time spent inside, we're excited to finally get out and enjoy the sun. We're never taking moments with friends for granted again, so we plan on making this summer one to remember. Need some inspiration for photos that will capture all of the good vibes of summer 2021? Keep reading!

Give it a lil' twirl


You heard us...spin! Twirling adds movement to your photos, making them less two-dimensional. For bonus points wear a pretty flowy dress that will spin out when you twirl. Have fun dancing around with your friends in the moment and you'll be left with the perfect candid photo.

In the sky


Can't find a cute location to take your next Insta photo in? Look no further than...up. Have a friend take a photo from a down angle or set up a tripod tilted up towards the sky. Stand in front of the clear blue background and pose like the glowing goddesses that you are. Plus, minus any airplanes passing or surprise UFOs, there can be no photo bombs.


The classic piggyback ride photo, but add a few people. Not only will this make for an adorable final photo, but if the photographer takes pictures while you all get into position, you're sure to get come cute candid shots out of it too.

The double mirror selfie


Mirror selfies are the perfect way to show off your full-body look of the day *and* always come out perfectly because everyone can see what they look like. Have all parties in the mirror pull out their phones to capture different angles. You'll have everyone on Instagram guessing who's phone took the photo!

Backseat living

We all know the infamous passenger seat pictures that flooded our Instagram feeds in 2020. But that's a single person shot! Instead, take your friend and head into the backseat to take some photos of you guys jamming to music and having fun.

Escalator shot

Make Instagram casual again! This is *such* a casual but cute photo idea. Snap a photo of you and your friends riding up the escalator naturally, or pose yourselves to make it spicy.


For a candid moment, take some walking photos! Candid photos are our absolute favorite to capture good memories. Whether you're walking away from the camera or towards it, you're sure to get at least one good photo. 

Outfit picture


Of course this *had* to make the cut. Outfit photos are super easy to take  anywhere and they always come out looking effortless. You can just stand there and end up with an Instagrammable picture. No need to worry about what your hair is doing either!

At sunset

This is probaly one of our fave photo ideas on this list. Not only do you get beautiful photos out of having a photoshoot at sunset, but you also have a great time experiencing the summer sunset with your friends. 

Caught off guard

Last time we'll say it—candid. photos. are. elite. But if you don't have someone taking pictures of you at all moments, you can also strike a natural pose to capture the same effect as a candid shot. We love it!

Are you planning on recreating any of these photos with your friends this summer? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @girlslifemag or using #girlslifemag!

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by Isabella Albaig | 5/7/2021