3 ways to make new friends this summer

Over the past year, we've all dealt with loneliness in one way or another. As schools shut down, sports got canceled and socializing became limited, we all felt the shockwaves of being, well, alone.

Now that many COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, however, there are *plenty* of ways to make new friends this summer. Although initiating a friendship can seem scary, we've come up with three easy ways to find new fabulous friendships this summer.

Sign up for a local class
Do you have an interest in drawing, photography or learning a new language? Most towns have recreation centers or colleges that have classes that are open to the community. One easy way to make a new friend is to sign up for a class and bond through shared interests. This not only gives you plentiful conversation topics, but also gives you fun bonding activity ideas as well.

Try your hand at volunteering

Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience for many reasons, but people often forget that one benefit of volunteering is socializing with other individuals who care about their community. Check out local volunteeer organizations, churches and universities to see if there are opportunities to volunteer this summer. It's really fun to volunteer with people you like, and hey, you might even make a new friend while you're making the world a better place.

Get a part-time job 
Hear us out—getting a job can *actually* be a lot of fun when you enjoy your co-worker's company. Check out your local newspaper or online listings to find part-time jobs in retail, service and more. Regardless of what job you take on, you're certain to bond with your co-workers (even if it's just because you spend so much time together.) And plus, who wouldn't want to get paid to socialize!

What are your go-to tips for making new friends? Let us know by tagging us on social media @girlslifemag.


by Kelly Schwint | 7/1/2021